First Blog

I worked for 15 years as a fine artist creating traditional oil landscapes. Galleries were selling my paintings and business was good ….then 2007 arrived and the bottom fell out of the economy and the art market. I was faced with a choice to fight again to reinvent myself for a new market or walk away. I walked away. There were many reasons for this choice, and I hope to cover some in this blog.
Although by 2009 I was techniquely a retired artist, I retained an incessant need to create. To keep my hands busy and my mind engaged. I struggled for several years not knowing just how to direct this energy. In 2012 I had the amazing joy of becoming a grandmother. My granddaughters, (which I now have 4) have retaught me the art of creative play. For them and myself, I transformed my studio into an unrestrained, artsy, anything goes, space. We make such a mess to produce wonderful things – And once a month we have A Date to Create!!




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