A Year of Dates

Last year I found myself at a loss for Christmas gifts for my two oldest granddaughters. (Helen 4 and Margo 2). I talked with my son to get ideas. He was definitely feeling toy overload in their house, and couldn’t think of anything they needed. I decided to give them a gift of time and creativity. I filled a sectioned box with 12 creative Dates. Each month they would open a box and inside would be a small gift and a message about what we would do for our date. My son and his wife got a day off each month and their girls got a day with Grammy in her studio. Win-win.

January was Robot Day. I made Robot costumes from inexpensive metallic fabric then filled boxes with Robot parts. My studio has a massive collection of found things. I am a bit of a pack rat. This trait came in handy more than once over the course of the year.  Anyway…I gathered things from my collections – small boxes, bottle caps, clothes pins, spools, and miscellaneous other items. I then spray painted them all with silver paint and filled boxes with Robot parts. Each girl had her own box and was let loose to make a Robot.




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