I Can Make A Rainbow

My first A Date To Create with my granddaughters for the 2018. The theme was – I Can Make A Rainbow.

For snacks, we had Rainbow goldfish and rainbow popsicles, which were home made from fruit, almond milk and spinach (shhh don’t tell) and no added sugar.

For crafts we made kaleidoscopes and sharpie dyed t-shirts. It was a fun time and the girls were creative and interested the whole time.

To make the Kaleidoscope:

I purchased clear and frosted shrink plastic, mirror plastic, small clear jewels, large glitter, sequins. Cardboard tube cut to 7.5”. I used a tube for shipping rolled posters. (The end of the shopping tube works great for the eyepiece end of the kaleidoscope.)

Card stock cut to 6” long x the length needed for your tube. I did triangles by trial and error until I got one that fit snug.

Once my triangle was perfect I cut three pieces of the mirrored plastic with a rotary cutter to the width I need. The plastic I purchased has adhesive backing so I stuck each piece to the card stock, formed my triangle and glued it shut.

5 1/8” shrinks to 2” which is the size of tube I am using.

Because my granddaughters are so young (3 and 5) I assembled the triangles ahead of time and accumulated the rest of the supplies so they could put them together and decorate the tubes. I also left the shrinky dink disks unshrunk, because they love watching them shrink.

We put the mirrored triangle into the tube close enough to one end for the eyepiece to fit on. Then I put the clear plastic lens on top of the triangle at the other end and secured it with hot glue. That left a space of about 1” to insert the bling. It is important not to put the jewels in until the glue is completely cool (for obvious reasons). Then the frosted lens was glued to the top. After that had cooled the girls were able to see the rainbows inside.

To make the Rainbow shirts:

I purchased plain white T-shirt’s. I followed a pin on Pintrest for using sharpies and rubbing alcohol. I let the girls color circles on their shirts, then I dropped the alcohol on their color patterns. They loved watching the colors blend together.

Next month our theme is “A WORLD FOR FAIRIES”.

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