Doll House Update

I am working on the exterior while some of the paper mache gets good and dry. It can take days.

Again I used cardboard packing pieces and egg cartons to make the stones. After they were painted and dry, I coated them with poly finish to protect them while I “plastered” the walls with joint compound. A little distressing, a top coat and done!!

The trees have been a bit more challenging. So far, my colors are not what I want, but I am pretty happy with the textures.

My other project for the day was hanging a mirror in the bathroom from a tiny frame I picked up at a thrift shop (a set of three for $1.99). I can use the others to frame artwork for the walls. At the same shop, I found a little wooden couch for 99 cents. It was a bit too deep and high, so I trimmed down the front and cut off the legs. Now I will need to cushion the seat and back and decide on upholstery fabric.

I felt it was best to use my artistic skill to paint the brick/flagstone walkway and patio. I want a table out there and the unevenness of egg carton stones could make it pretty tippy and frustrating for the girls. Painting it will leave a flat surface and still look somewhat real…hopefully.

I glued a piece of primed canvas to the wood panel that the house sits on. Then I painted a simple base coat of acrylic paint. Once that was dry, I started painting the patio stones and bricks freehand. Still a lot of work to do to make them look textured, but it is a start.

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