Fairy houses

In November of 2017, my granddaughters came to Grammy’s for TINKER DAY. We had a sleepover the night before, so for inspiration, we watched a movie in which a little girl built a house for fairies from a box. She put it in the garden and a fairy moved in. The next morning the girls could not wait to build their very own fairy houses. I had prepared a tinker box full of random supplies for them to use….no rules.

For well over an hour, they worked painting, gluing (lots of glue!) and decorating their boxes.

They were both very proud of their creations. Margo was all about the glitter glue and sparkles and Helen was more into decorating the interior. Margo told me she saw a fairy in my garden…so who knows?


  1. I think it is wonderful that you have crafting partners and that they are starting at such a young age. I hope that as they grow the magic of creativity doesn’t leave them and that it lives inside them forever.


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