A Lamp for the dollhouse

It was raining today. I was working on the roof of my dollhouse and ran out of roofing material. I had harvested the bark off of sycamore trees in our yard for shingles. I headed out to gathered more but everything was too wet to use…so I took a break from that. I decided to make a craftsman style lamp for the dollhouse instead.

I had several empty cones from weaving thread, so I cut the tip out of one for the base. On a recent trip to the dollar store I found a tiny reading lamp for a dollar (of course). I figured they could be used for something,so I bought 3 of them. I broke one apart and salvaged the battery pack and light and inserted it into the cone. Then added a few decorations and painted it in antique copper. For the shade, I made a template and then cut the piece out of tag board. Before the digital age, when I was working as an artist, we used slides to enter art shows. I have so many of these left, so I decided to use several from flower paintings as stain glass inserts. I hot glued several spots on each panel then closed up the shade.

Now I just need a table to put it on!!!

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