My light battery pack wasn’t working after putting all of the wires through the walls. My son, John, came out yesterday and soldered the connections into a new battery box and now I have lights again!

The living room lights are tumbled wine bottle glass. I have a rock tumbler (another one of my hobbies) and I was short rocks to fill it one time, so I broke a wine bottle and added the pieces to the mix. They turned out beautiful and look like sea glass. I found two that were perfect for wall sconces. The kitchen light is a ping pong ball cut in half. The paneling on the kitchen ceiling and living room wall are the back and front covers from an old book. I silver leafed the kitchen ceiling, then antiqued it.

Just the roof and the left side (exterior) to finish and the structure will be done! I am anxious to start making furniture and accessories from my stash of found items.

My oldest granddaughter Helen, is coming tomorrow for a sleep over. We are going to do puffy painting! Can’t wait to see what she turns out.

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