Crafting with Helen

My oldest granddaughter, Helen, came out for a sleep-over at Grammy’s.

Last night before bed, we made air dry clay from a recipe we found on Pintrest (made with cornstarch, school glue, vinegar and baby oil). She wanted to make some little clay animal figures she saw while we were cruising Pintrest for ideas. This morning after breakfast, we went to the studio to make the little creatures. (I am not sure what they are suppose to be, but they look a bit like pigs). I do have to say, I am not a fan of the clay. At least not the recipe we used. It wouldn’t hold its shape and kept sloughing off. Our little blocks keep flattening and rounding, so I wonder how they will look by the time they dry. I decided to get out the store bought Polymer clay and work with it instead for our next project….Tiny fish for the koi pond in the dollhouse yard. She fashioned hers after the goldfish snacks she was eating! Then finally, she wanted to do a painting just for me. She spent quite a bit of time working on her flowers. It turned out beautiful, so we hung it on the gallery wall. I think I will have to frame it!

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