Fairy Homes

Last summer my granddaughters and I worked on a fairy garden around one of our giant sycamore trees. It is now trying to weather the winter 🤞. Margo (3 year old) told me she spotted a fairy out there sitting in the tree. Her older sister, Helen, wasn’t so sure. She thought they were probably out shopping. I hope if they did move in, they are keeping warm for the winter!

We needed more homes to put in their little village, so I painted rocks to look like cottages. Coated them with several coats of outdoor poly finish. They can place them anywhere they want in the garden. I am anxious to get back out there….or maybe I am just anxious for spring!

Helen and Margo wanted to make streams and pools for the fairies. So, we got out the hose and garden spades and they got to work. It’s okay to play in the mud in a fancy dress if you are at Grammy’s house. Since they love wearing dresses so much, I keep plenty on hand from thrift store finds.


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