Fairy Tree

As I said before, last summer I started a fairy village around a huge sycamore tree in our yard. My two oldest granddaughters are obsessed with fairies, so I thought I would fuel their fantasy (and maybe a bit of my own).
After putting the first door into the side of the tree, I told them, “ It seems fairies are moving into my tree!” They were so excited and tried desperately to open the door. I explained to them that fairy doors are magic, and only fairies can open them. So they tried knocking on it to see if the fairies were home. After some time, they decided they must be out shopping or… they were afraid of them because they were so big.
Each time they came they would see more homes or rock walls being constructed. Then alas, the weather cooled and the building stopped. Perhaps the fairies are hunkered down, or went south for the winter.
I am looking forward to spring when I can finish the homes and start planting gardens! I am sure there will be many more years that the granddaughters will enjoy it. And when the older two have outgrown the fantasy…I have two more in line. They are still just toddlers.
Here are a few pictures of the first 2 fairy homes…
I used a rotary cutter to cut a hole the size of my door in the side of the tree, then nailed it in with long finishing nails. The rock porch was inserted into a long narrow opening I made, also with the rotary cutter. It fell out this winter, so I will need to find a better way to secure it until the tree can grow around it a bit. The other home was made with a painted rock door that was placed inside of a driftwood knot I found at the beach several years ago. I dug a hole between the roots until I could get a tight fit. Funny thing….a toad moved into it and occasionally we could hear him croaking when we walked by the tree.


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