Tree House Storage

E8479C19-3936-45E4-990F-5C3B39AEC168.jpegYesterday I made a storage cupboard for the tree house attic bedroom.

Once again, I used the cardboard inserts from a case of wine for the construction. You can buy this same thing at the craft store. It is called chip board. Or buy a case of wine and get a win win!

I glued 4 layers one on top of the other in the sizes I needed, glued them all together and painted it with chalk paint. Distressed it a bit, then finished with water based poly finish. I wanted boxes, or baskets to slide into the openings. With the style of the house, baskets would have been my first choice. However, I have never made a basket and I didn’t want to go through the learning curve to tackle it. So, for simplicity, I decided to go with boxes. After reading Maj Rundlof’s share on facebook, I will try making miniature baskets soon and will ad them as another decorating option!

I am including pictures of the process to make the boxes. Once they were dry, I wrapped decorative paper around them and made little pulls with parts from a bracelet.

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