Helen’s Fairy World

Today was A World for Fairies day. Helen came out, but Margo was running a fever so she wasn’t able to make it. I will have her out on another day to build her fairy village.

Helen was very excited about most of the things in her fairy garden kit…especially the glitter rocks, toadstools and flower trees. She didn’t, however, want to use pink and purple rice. She told me…”they aren’t real colors for the world”. So I pulled out the green and brown rice from the small worlds we made last year. I guess glitter rocks and fairies are real 😂. Something tells me Margo will not be a bit concerned about real colors, or keeping them separated.

Helen is very particular about the details. The rice colors could not overlap, animals had special places and could not be moved. (The gorilla should be in the flower tree, but he wouldn’t stay there.) She also felt my painted rock houses looked so much better in her fairy garden than they did on my window sill…so she commandeered them. After working for over an hour, everything was just perfect and we carried it very carefully to the house to show Papa.

What a fun day! After Helen created her small World for fairies, she played with the doll house for a bit, did several paintings, then rode her bike around the driveway. After lunch, we went for a walk, played with mega bubbles outside, made air dry clay with a new recipe and had popsicles in the hot tub. Now we are relaxing watching a fairy movie. We should both sleep good tonight!

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