Finished Crib

I finished the baby’s crib!

I decided to add some fancy “woodwork” rather than paint a floral pattern on the ends.

When my daughter was married, we did her wedding DIY style. She decided to have cupcakes instead of the traditional cake, so I bought several packages of lacy cupcake covers to make them look extra special. I put the leftovers in my stash, and haven’t had a use for them since.

Well….I was looking at them the other day and wondered if I could use them in the dollhouse. Because they are so thin, I stacked them one on top of the other with layers of glue in-between (5 layers high). That made them very sturdy, and it occurred to me, I could use them as decoration on my cardboard furniture. I found part of the pattern that would fit on the end of the doll crib and sides; cut them out with an exacto knife and glued them on the cardboard. Then it was just a matter of painting and adding the finish.

I used a soft blue fleecy fabric for the mattress. Baby looks pretty comfy, but I think he needs a lovey to sleep with. I am working on that.

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