Happy Valentines Day!l

On Valentine’s Day …

I need to take the time to thank my husband of nearly 37 years. Through all of my crazy creative adventures, he has not only hung in there with me, but actually encouraged me.

Over these years John has…..

…Had a 1700 sq foot studio built for me (and never complains about the total messy state it is usually in).

…Set me up with a truck and trailer to haul my art around.

…Constructed a wood shop and bought me the tools I need to build my own frames.

…Completely funded my art career until it was up and making money.

…Went with me to art shows and gallery receptions, even though he couldn’t relate to anyone there.

…Let me cry on his shoulder when the economy crash hit and art quit selling.

…Made a solo trip to Jackson Hole, WY to pick up my art from a gallery that was closing.

…Let me cry on his shoulder some more.

…When I got discouraged, he encouraged me to find other creative adventures, whether they made money or not.

…Let me cry on his shoulder even more.

…When I decided to have a garden as a distraction, he didn’t say anything when I made it 3 times the size I needed and couldn’t keep up with the weeds.

…He helped me build a small greenhouse out of pvc pipes. When that wasn’t enough room…

…He took me to Twisp, WA in a snowstorm to buy a 30’x40’ greenhouse so I could have a winter garden. (Another massive overkill!)

…Then took me to Portland, OR with a truck and trailer to pick up polycarbonate panels for the end walls of the greenhouse, then helped me erect the greenhouse and build the end walls. Which took weeks and weeks.

…Helped me build a trellis for my raspberries and a bird cover for my strawberries.

…Then, when I realized I had way too much garden, he didn’t say a word as he helped me reduced it to a manageable plot. Even though it meant tearing out some of the raspberry trellis he had just built.

…He helped me purge the studio of massive amounts of stuff when I finally decided the art career was done.

…He still, even now, encourages me to stay creative after all of the paths that has taken him down.

Today I am in my huge art studio building a doll house for my granddaughters. I wonder sometimes if he rolls his eyes behind my back. On the occasions that he he ventures in there to see me, I ask him “Do you think I am crazy?”

He always replies “Yes, but you are having fun, and that is what matters”

Sometimes I think maybe he should give me a reality check and not be so accommodating, but I love him so much for encouraging me to follow my dreams no matter what direction they veer off.

So – Thankyou JD for putting up with my random craziness. For those of you that know him…you also know, I put up with some random craziness too!



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