Master Bedroom

I finished the master bedroom bed today. Now the dad doesn’t have to sleep in the bathtub! Which is where Helen put him to bed last time she was here….because the parents had no bed! Mom got to sleep on the couch ❤️.

I started with a wine box insert and layered until I had a thickness that was sturdy for play. I used an old fashioned clothes pin as the top of the posts. They just happened to be the perfect width and thickness! Several coats of brown paints to achieve a wood look…and done!

A wise old owl moved into the tree outside. That was exciting!

I am ready to move on to the garden and patio area. It needs grass and a little koi pond. After that, the main structure will be pretty much done. Then I can work on the rest of the furniture and accessories.


  1. Your bed looks awesome and I love the mattress. Did you make the mattress too? and what did you use to fill in the outside of the clothes pin? and how did you make the headboard taller? I also love the little Owl.


    1. Leilani,
      Thankyou for visiting my blog. I did make the mattress too, from blue striped cotton fabric and stuffed with batting.
      The only part of the clothes pin that I used was the very top. The rest of the clothespin, I put aside to use on something else. I cut off the top, inserted a round toothpick into the end and glued it to the top of my cardboard posts.
      The headboard and foot board were cut from the same pattern, I just added a few inches to the headboard when I cut it out.
      I hope that answered your questions!


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