The Dollhouse Yard

My dollhouse yard is finally in!

In a very small area, I wanted to fit in a patio, pond and grassy area. I will cover the pond and koi fish in my next blog….but this is how I made the grass.

I have been in a dilemma as to what to use to create a lawn. I had purchased a small patch of artificial grass that was made for railroad or doll house miniatures, but when it arrived in the mail, I was very disappointed. It was very stiff and scratchy. If one of the girls were to lay a doll on it, I imagine her sweater and hair would cling to the grass. It is being set aside for another application.

I want to thank the Miniatures from Trash to Treasure FB Group for their helpful suggestions on a lawn materials. Shannon Warren had suggested painting an old towel, I didn’t have a green towel, but I did have a ugly beige one with long nap. Lee Lansdown recommended using fake fur or fabric with nap, then painted, and brushed with a stiff brush to fluff the nap. Why not combine the two methods? I have loads of fabric paint, so I decided to try using the towel and painting technique.

I cut a section from an old beige towel and started mixing greens and pushing the color into the fabric. I liked what I was seeing, but after taking the brush to it, I loved it! It looks very realistic and is still soft enough for the little doll to lay on and watch the clouds.

On the lawn I wanted a bit of a hill, rather than having it completely flat. I used several pieces of cardboard with beveled edges to build it up the surface, then used paper mache to smooth it. Once dry, I glued the towel grass on. Now all that is left is to hang a swing from the tree branch above it, maybe a few critters in the grass, flower pots, table and chairs………Oh My, maybe I am just getting started!


      1. It is wonderful grass. I agree, the best I have seen! Thank you so much for the idea. Perfect timing too. I bought artificial grass like you and it is not flexible and I am not that wrapt with it, just like you. I am about to put some flooring inside my gnome house and was going to use the small squares of grass but now I will use towel. Thank you so much! I am very happy and excited about the idea!


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