Yesterday I put the final touches on the koi pond.

To make the pond, I roughly hollowed out an area of the plywood that my doll house sits on using my Dremel rotary tool. I then painted around the raw edges.

When I was working as a watercolor artist, I did a painting of river stones called “A Safe Place”. (Notice the plover egg nest on the right hand corner? hence the name.) The painting won an award in the Northwest Watercolor Show in 1999. It was a cash award, so I used the money to make full size and mini prints of the painting. The 8 x 10 mini print has an area that was perfect size for laying in the bottom of my pond to give the illusion of stones but not take away from the depth. (Plus it let me add a bit of a former creative life into my dollhouse) I cut out the section and glued it on the bottom.

I used rocks that I found at a lake in Montana 7 years ago to form a rock ledge around the pond. I was attracted to them because they were so similar in size and thickness. I have packed them around over the years hoping they would come in handy for something. You may start to see a theme here… I have a real thing for rocks 😁.

In the bottomed the pond, I placed a few stones and a polymer clay koi that my five year old granddaughter, Helen, made for the doll house. Last time she was out to stay with me, I was making a koi, she asked if she could make one. I think she did a wonderful job. She handed it to me and said “Here Grammy, this is for your fish pond”. How could I not include him!

The next step,was pouring resin about 1/4″ at a time – something I have not done before. I read and reread the instructions, set my timer and measured very carefully. Mixed for the full time. Poured into a new cup and mixed some more. I then poured resin over Helen’s koi, let that dry, then placed another koi, that I made, on top of that and pour more resin..and so on…

On what I thought was the last layer of resin, I had a breach in my pond and the resin water started flowing back behind the doll house and into my lawn. What a sticky mess! I had to act quickly to plug the hole with a clamp and a piece of cardboard until the resin could set up. I lost quite a bit of my water…but learned a valuable lesson. Make sure there are no holes for the resin to escape from! Second lesson learned…make sure your pond is sitting level. My second pour was lopsided. Luckily, I had to do another one and was able to level the water. When the last layer of resin was solid, but tacky, I placed the lily pads and lotus flower into it.

All I have left on the Doll House structure is few details on the left side of the house, and then I can move on to accessories and decorating!


March A Date To Create with my granddaughters is called SHOW TIME!

I need to build a puppet theater from a refrigerator box, worthy of their grand performances!


  1. Awesome endeavor and tutorial! I love the fact that you use memorable items! I do that, too, and it makes an incredible hobby even more special. I just started following your blog and so look forward to more entries! Bravo and thank you for sharing!


    1. Thankyou! I have been painting for a long time….doing miniatures just a few years. Nice when you can combine the two. I just did a couple of tiny paintings for my doll house. Will get them posted soon. 😁


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