Puppet Theater

Coming up in March, the Date to Create with Helen and Margo is called “Show Time!” Each girl will practice and perform a puppet show for her family. I’m on the search for simple scripts and DIY puppets to make for their shows.

This refrigerator box is being transformed into a Puppet Theater extraordinaire, fitting for their best performance. My husband always tells me, “Having the best tools, turns out the best results”. My hope is, that this theater will be used for many hours of creative story telling in the coming years.

I love turning trash into treasure, so I’m using only materials I have on hand and a bit of creative thinking.

At the moment, I am having an artist’s block. Not quite sure how to go about decorating it beyond this point. I want it to be retro and whimsical…..


  1. love it. I got one made by a man years ago, 30 yrs or so…who made little ones and paid him to make a big one to my measurements and install lights. then i painted it and decoupaged it..and stuck things on it….will try and remember to take a pic if you want to see one. x


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