Miniature Baskets

I tried my hand a mini basket making to make an egg basket for the dollhouse. It has been a challenge.

The first one I made, I used wrapped floral wire. It worked okay, but I had a problem keeping the shape. It it cute, but sits a bit lopsided. I haven’t finished it yet.

Then I tried a square one using hairpins. They have proved useless for holding hair, so I thought I would give them a try as a mini basket base.

I had an issue keeping them upright. They kept moving on me…so I devised a way to secure them. I poked holes in a piece of cardboard, put a smaller piece of cardboard along the inside edge of the holes…then I inserted the hairpins and glued it all. After it dried, I trimmed the edges off to sit flush with the hairpins. Not a perfect solution, but it worked.

Once I had finished weaving the twine, I made a braid with the same twine and glued it along the top over the wires and also the base to hide the cardboard.

Even though the baskets are small (1.5” wide), they would have to be much smaller to work as an egg basket for the dolls….so maybe to hold the wood for the fireplace? I need to do more research before attempting a smaller one.


    1. If you could see my process, you would probably die laughing. I flit from one idea to another and fail at most of them. Sometimes I even pass by something else I am working on and forget the first thing. I want to think it is a creative process, but it may be just haphazard chaos, and a few lucky successes.


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