Dollhouse Table

I am working on a cardboard table for the dollhouse. Woke up this morning feeling like I might be coming down with the flu. I have absolutely no energy, so sitting at a table, making a mini-table was a low stress day. I am going to do two benches on either side. Not sure about finish or paint yet.

My son-in-law picked me up some more wine case inserts from their recycle bin at the winery. I can make tons of stuff now! Thankyou Will! I love this cardboard because it is so dense and can be sanded after layered with glue. It is as hard as wood and just as sturdy. I suppose it might not do so well in a flood, but I am not going to concern myself with that. If a flood reaches my hill in Pasco, WA, I am sure I will have much bigger issues that a soaked doll house!


  1. looks great. I wonder what you create on a high energy day! lol….Great about the tough cardboard. I am using some myself on my gnome house and it is stronger than balsa wood…and I am not great at cutting wood anyway. Hope you feel better soon. On a low energy day I get very little done. lol. warm regards Cherry x


    1. Thankyou! I feel about the same today…and really didn’t get anything done.
      I agree that the glued cardboard is stronger that balsa wood and so much easier to work with. I can design as I go and don’t have to have a blueprint. If is started cutting wood, I think I might need plans 😁


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