Doll House Couch

I finished a little couch today. I am sort of on the fence about it…not sure I like it. I think it might be a bit big for the dollhouse. I doubt the granddaughters would care, but I may need to do another one that sits a little lower. The dolls feet don’t touch the ground when they sit on it.

I bought the little wooden couch at a thrift store. It had shiny purple upholstery on it, and that wouldn’t do, so I stripped it down to the wood. I think it may have originally been a Barbie doll size couch. It was too high and deep, so I cut off the front and the legs, hoping to adjust it for my doll house. Originally I covered it in tapestry fabric…but that was way to busy for the space. I think the print was too large too. So, I took the heat gun and melted the hot glue and pulled all of the fabric off to start again. The second fabric was a piece I had in my stash and it went well with the chair in the living room. I like the overall look, but not sure it fits with the house. Hmmmm….

At least I am feeling better 😁


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