Tiny Bird House

After finishing the structure of my Tree Dollhouse, I sat down and wrote out a list of finishing touches and accessories I wanted to make for it. Now I am going to work my way through that list – First thing is a birdhouse. I even constructed a branch especially for it to sit on.

Once I found a shape I liked, I cut it out of cardboard and glued several layers together. The little perch is a tiny dowel cut off and inserted into a hole I drilled. I decided I wanted the roof to match the doll house, so I cut tiny shingles from the same tree bark I had used on the main house. Once the bird house was constructed and the glue had dried, I put on a coat of light blue paint. Antiquing gel went over that and several coats of poly finish. Lastly, I made a little nest from some dried grass and put it in the house.

With the bird house complete, I needed a tiny bird to live in it. Polymer clay seemed to be the best medium to fashion a little blue bird from. It is a challenge working on something that small, but I am relatively happy with the results. For ease, I painted the eye and beak after baking rather than trying to cut clay that tiny. I want to use polymer clay for several other projects, so I finally broke down and purchased a set tools. They just came in the mail yesterday, so I am hoping they help with the challenges of making miniatures.

Next on the list is a swing for the yard on the other side of the house!


  1. Your fairy house is sooooo pretty! I love everything about it and look forward to seeing what you will be adding/making next. How did you make the shingles look so real looking, worn and all?


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