Doll House Swing

A swing was the next item on my list of accessories for the doll house.

I wanted to make a swing that the doll would stay in because I know my granddaughters will swing her high!

Using a thick cardboard roll, I cut a section out and added a back to keep the doll in. I then drilled holes for the ropes to go through. It was a simple project to glue together and paint. Because we want to think “safety first”, I added a security bar to lock the doll in….just in case Margo or Cora decide to really swing her high!

Next on the list, a red wagon to haul toys around…


  1. looks wonderful. Very clever. To make it even better and the swing blend in with the environment, l would change the pale ropes or wool to dark string.l think the ‘ropes’ currently stand out to much and distract a little from the beauty of the scene….or even paint the current ropes brown. This is only my opinion as a painter and l mean no offence. The swing construction is great. love the safety bar too x


    1. No offense taken. I really didn’t give much thought to it. The ropes are some linen that I had on hand. It is very strong, which was my reason for choosing it. Dying them would probably be the best option. Thank you for the observation!


  2. I love this. My fairies would love one to play and swing on. I love how you finished the top of the pond. Are those real stones?


    1. ❤️ – yes they are real stones that I found on the shore of a lake in Montana. They had such wonderful shape and were very uniform in size. I knew they would work for something, so I collected a bunch of them. Now I am wishing I had gotten more!


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