Cardboard Chair #2

My second cardboard chair is finished. Because I was asked about my process, I am including a tutorial for this.

I wanted to make a less boxy looking chair than the first one, so I narrowed and angled the legs and went with a different back.

With a new design figured out, I cut 3 layers of cardboard for each piece and glued them one on top of the other. After the glue dried, I painted each one with water based polyurethane…or a top coat. Once this dries throughly, the cardboard sands without fraying or coming apart.

I sanded each piece and rounded the edges a bit.

Remember the cupcake liners I used on the crib? I used several layers from a section of the pattern to add detail to the back. I had cut a notch in the back railing to hold the seat, but needed more glue surface for the front legs, so I constructed a box around each one. Once all of the pieces were ready, it was time to glue it together. The last step before paint and upholstery was to trim the edge of the chair. I used a single strip of cardboard, glued it around the edge leaving a tiny lip to hold the upholstered seat, then painted several coats of poly finish to strengthen it.

Finishing up, I cut a single piece of board slightly smaller than the seat, glued two layers of batting to it, covered it in ultra suede and glued it in the seat opening.

Now the hard part….doing it three more times! I like the challenge of creating something, but repetition gets boring very fast. I will power through by setting up a tiny production line.

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