Tiny Assembly Line

I finally got around to finishing the last 3 dining room chairs. I’ve been working on a base for the dollhouse, so getting back to this task was a mental challenge. It required an assembly line of tiny chair parts. Not something I was looking forward to. A few exacto knife injuries later, the chairs were all cut out. Then it was just a matter of assembling them.

When I started painting, I realized I had forgotten which of my four white paints I had used on the first chair. It took some testing to figure that out. Next time, I will make notes! After several coats of paint, I distressed them and put on a coat of poly finish. The seats are upholstered in ultra suede that I had in my stash.

I am so glad the job is done, and pretty happy with how they turned out. Funny thing though, what I really wanted for the doll house was a rustic outdoor table. Failed on that! There really isn’t room inside for it. Oh well, I suppose I could make the rustic one and let the granddaughters decide.

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