Dollhouse base

My doll house needs a base that has storage for all of the accessories and dolls. When we recently purchased a new refrigerator, it was too high to fit under the overhead cabinet. I have found that cabinet pretty much useless anyway, so we took it out. Because I have trouble getting rid of things that could be useful, it has been sitting around for over 3 months. I’ve walked by it several times and thought to myself “I wonder if that could work as a base for the tree house?”….and then I was discussing it with my daughter-in-law Katy, and she said “what about that cabinet?”. I guess that was the urging I needed to get out the tape measure and check it out. It happened to be the perfect depth and just a few inches too short, so I added 1.75 inches of hardwood on either side.

The cabinet is 15″ high, which is a great height for the granddaughter’s to be able to reach the upper floors without climbing on step stools. Because I have a range of ages that will be playing with the doll house, I wanted a place to secure the small, chokeable items. I figure I can install cabinet door locks that the 4-5 year olds can open, but the 1-2 year olds can’t. There is also a plan in the works to decorate the house at Halloween, Christmas and other important holidays. The lower cabinet will give me a place to store boxes of decorations for the holidays.

So now, I just need to somehow tie the trees and landscape into the base, do some sanding and decide on a paint color. I will probably add very short blocks for legs and then attach the dollhouse to it permanently. When I move it to the girls bedroom, it will be attached to the wall so it can’t tumble over on one of them.

This project is winding down. It is sad in a way. I have enjoyed planning and problem solving through the whole process. My mind is already swirling with ideas for the next mini undertaking. I am thinking a bakery and cafe?


  1. Sounds like a good plan to use that cabinet under neath your lovely house you have made. I know what you mean about getting rid of stuff. Since I started my gnome home, I have not been able to throw anything out in case I need to use it! hahahhaha x


  2. So nice to see how you and your granddaughters get to be creative together. The dollhouse has come up well and I really like your idea of having the cupboard base as part of the theme as well as storage cabinet.

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