I Can’t Keep it Simple

My original plan was to sand down the cupboard I am using as a base for my doll treehouse, paint it a neutral color, put the doll house on top and done! But nope…I decided it needed to be part of the dollhouse. It was very distracting to me to have the house sitting on top of a plain old cupboard. How boring is that!

Yesterday I begin adding stonework to the whole cabinet to tie it into the rock and tree the house was build around. Today I started painting the first door panel. There are gnomes living under the house in a cave! The roots of the tree and the rock the house sits appear to form the cave. I am not sure how it will end up, but it has turned into quite a project.

So I guess my doll house isn’t nearing completion, not quite yet…..


    1. Thankyou for visiting Jeri! I love having a place to record the projects and days with my granddaughters. It is nice to look back and remember, and I am hoping some day, they will want to read it ❤️


  1. Wow I think the stone walls are amazing. I have a 20 month granddaughter who I made a mushroom house for, she loves the lighting in the roof. She uses the house to put her little people in. I have some ideas for another house for her. Thanks for sharing all your work and ideas. I love the things you do with your grand kids.

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