Base Done!

Well…for the most part. In order to finish the entire structure, I still need to add a few pieces of furniture and accessories for the house AND, build a chicken coop and rabbit hutch on the left side. But the sculpting and painting on the structure is done.

I took the first picture on March 19th when I started repurposing my old over-the-refrigerator cabinet for the doll house base. Today is April 8th…..So, 3 weeks from start to finish on the base. My house is a mess, my husband didn’t get dinner some nights, and my garden needs tending to, but I got it done!

The rock face is fashioned from packing cartons and homemade paper clay. The moss is made from sawdust retrieved from under my table saw, then dyed with fabric dyes. Coated with matt finish when dry. All of the relief tree roots are made from paper mache. The hobbit cave…my imagination, a paint brush and some acrylic paint. The only purchase for this project was the moss sprigs which I bought at goodwill. Everything else was on hand in my studio.

My goal, when John and I decided to scale down and clean up 30+ years of accumulating, was to donate or use up all of the stuff I have collected. This project used up some cardboard, paint, glue, and an old cupboard. Not nearly enough…..but I still have many ideas left in my head.


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