End Tables

Yesterday I made two end tables for the master bedroom. They are made with the layer cardboard technique I have used on all of my furniture so far.

When I construction was done, I painted them brown to match the bed. I didn’t like the look at all, so I tried again with a light gray to go with the bedding. I wanted to do something different witch the tops so I went to my stash for ideas. I found a coaster of mosaic shell pieces that looked like a winner. I tried prying one of the tiles off and it snapped in two. So did the second one. Now I was determined… I put the coaster into a bucket of hot water and let it soak for a half hour or so. The next one came off whole, however reluctantly. They were really stuck on there! Over the next few hours, I was managed to get enough of them in full pieces to do the tops on both tables. I cut some to measure with my rotary cutter and glued them on with epoxy.

I made a hole in each door with a drill and inserted eyelets as a base for the handles. Now I was on the search for something I could use that was big enough to pull the drawer out. I tried several beads, but nothing was working. I decided to make some from polymer clay. I used translucent clay to go with the shell look and then painted a thin layer of opalescent fingernail polish on each.

I still haven’t made those pillows to go on the bed! Maybe today.


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