Tiny Art

The doll house needed some art work to help finish it off. This one was a fun, quick project. After painting the detailed cupboard doors, the tiny canvas was easy. I had a frame on hand that measured 2″ x 3″. By far the smallest painting I have done. I chose a warm sunset for the master bedroom. There is one other one to do for the living room, but I can’t decide between a landscape or a still life.

I had purchased several bright silver frames from goodwill that were a good size, but way to shiny. I cleaned off as much of the sheen as I could then painted with white milk paint. When that had dried throughly I added several colors of glaze.


  1. lovely. all looks great. Your egg carton looks way better than my first attempt. I think mine were torn too small. Your colour looks better too. Very nice. love the painting and the frame. I can see the frame with black acrylic painted on it and rubbed off again before dry. For me, it is still a tiny bit shinier than it needs to be but that is only me. The painting will stand out more that way…but if you dont want the painting to stand out too much, better not to put more black onto the frame. x


    1. I have found that not all egg cartons are the same either. Some have more texture and are heavier. I also had some cartons that were inserts into boxes to hold wine bottles. They were the same material but very heavy. I used those for the cabinet and most of the outside stones. I coated them with finish before glazing them or the paint would just soak in and would give a very flat look.


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