Finished Dollhouse

The doll house is done and decorated….for the most part. It’s in it’s final resting place and ready for play anyway. There are, and probably always will be, things to add or make better….or repair😂. I also need to start on Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations.

I want this post to be mostly about the pictures. But as a reminder, this house is completely constructed (except for the refurbished base), completely of cardboard and paper mache. Everything in this doll house was made or repurposed by me with a few exceptions. I purchased wooden stir sticks for the floors, lights, and a set of dishes and pots and pans, for a total cost of around $30. The food and animals were made from polymer clay that I bought as a beginner set for $15. All of the cardboard, glue, paint, dyes, fabric etc., were already in my studio from many other projects. I also pulled from a stash of items I had saved for one reason or another (like napkin rings for lights, jewelry findings, the old book cover I used as paneling, etc) It truly is a recycle project. I think it may take up only a little less room as a whole than the pile of stuff that went into it, but it is much more pleasant to look at!

So, here it is before Helen and Margo show up for their play date today and totally redecorate….


  1. It is stunning, absolutely stunning! The girls will love it….Can you lift it? lol…I cant lift my gnome house I am working on. lol..Every room you made looks really gorgeous. Love the kitchen layout design and finish. Love the tiles. Love it all actually and they will too. Very lucky grandchildren! x


    1. The doll house is pretty light because it is made mostly of paper. The base is oak, so it is heavy. More than anything it is awkward. My husband and I lifted it easily together. Before I put it on the base, I moved it around a lot without any effort.

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      1. that is good, it is not to heavy. My hubby does not even want me to finish the roof on my gnome house now because it is so heavy…every little bit I go to add, he brings up the weight. lol x


      1. the Kitchen is lovely but all the rooms and outside are too. The tree branches are lovely the way they wind around the house…Cant believe it is a ping pong ball, how clever, what an imagination…I thought you had bought an expensive light fitting!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have 3 friends who love chickens. They would absolutely love the chicken coup. x


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