Garden Time!

I took a bit of a break from the studio projects after I finished the doll house. The weather has been beautiful and the garden is in need of some major work. I have a large organic vegetable garden each year, and an unheated green house for winter greens. My daughter, Megan, and I just harvested the last of the Winter Red Kale. It is, by far, my favorite variety of kale. The leaves are small and it is very tender and sweet. It grows well all winter long and has provided us with fresh winter greens from November through April. The strawberries and raspberries are blooming and will be setting fruit soon.

We have 8 new additions to our small farm. 4 ewes, 3 lambs and a guard llama. Last year we lost 3 lambs to coyote attacks. The llama, by nature, will guard the sheep from dogs and coyotes. Helen and Margo were there when PennyLane arrived. Margo had no fear of her, but Helen stood way back. She said “I don’t understand my sister! She should be afraid!”

Next we plan on a small flock of free range chickens.

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