Pastry Display

Before I actually start the building for the mini bakery/cafe. I made pastries and bread, then a cabinet to put them in. A sort of inspiration piece to build the room around.

I used cardboard “plywood” to construct the main frame of the cabinet. The mirror in the back is stick on plastic mirror that I had left over from making kaleidoscopes with my granddaughters.

I have lots of small pieces of plexiglass left over from framing projects when I worked as a watercolor painter. I never could throw them away, figuring they would come in handy some day. Well they did! I wanted a transparent top, shelf and doors (that open), so I used them here.

When my green house was constructed, I used polycarbonate panels on the end walls. That is another situation in which I could not throw away scraps. I needed something to put on the plexiglass top to slide the cabinet doors on. I used a section from one of the polycarbonate panels to form the slides. I was hoping the glue would not look messy on the other side, but it did. A simple solution was to use foil tape along the edge to cover it (also left over from the green house project).

When I finished the cabinet, I felt it looked too modern for the bakery I want to build. In order to give it more character and charm, I added a few details and legs. It will fit into the space much better now!


  1. how wonderful your cabinet looks! Great. Love it. If I made it , it would be all wonky…hahaahaha. not square. Great to keep all the perspex bits etc i agree. I do the same thing. Here in aus, perspex is very expensive and it is worth buying something cheap at the op shop so you can use the perspex from it on a project. Last time I got some perspex cut, it cost me an arm and a leg…lol. You project is looking exciting. Keep us all informed. We love seeing your creations. x


      1. that is great to have a few handy tools. It looks wonderful with all the food in it and just the design of the cabinet looks fantastic. I bought a hot wire thing to use to cut polystyrene recently. Have not used it yet, but should be good for landscapes and dioramas etc. x I think you said you made all the food too? Is that right? cheers.


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