Bakery Water Dispenser

I used a small plastic test tube and a water bottle top to make this water dispenser for the doll bakery. The picture to the left/bottom was my inspiration.

While it looks okay from a distance, I am not really that happy with it. The plastic was a real pain to work with – the glue just wouldn’t hold, and the paint wouldn’t stick. I wound up using copper colored finger nail polish rather than paint. The jar isn’t as clear as I would like, and then there was the matter of using a heat gun to get rid of bubble in the resin. It wasn’t very effective because the plastic would melt if I held the gun too long, so the “water” is full of tiny bubbles. I may look for something I can use made from glass and consider this a “prototype”. I doubt it will hold up to much play, which is the purpose.

The spout was made from an old piece of jewelry that was in my stash. Once I glued it on the bottle, I painted it with copper colored nail polish.

When I was making a lemon cake from polymer clay, I made my first cane for the lemon slices. Not understanding how small the slices would be, I wound up with a really long cane! I will have lemon slices for many years! They did come in handy for this project.

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