Haunted Doll House

Just in time for Halloween, ghosts and goblins have moved into my doll house!

It was super scary for my granddaughters when the lights went out and there were glowing ghosts and pumpkin faces.

I had a family of Mellisa and Doug dolls that were not being used, so I turned them into Dracula, a witch, a mummy and Frankenstein boy.

The witch has a broom and vials of potions. It was fun for the girls to decide what magic things the potions would do. I was told next year she needs a cauldron and a black cat. We all could think of so many new additions for next years haunted house. Bats, black cats, goblins and a haunted graveyard next to the house….Years and years of Halloween fun!


  1. did you make the funny little ugly pumpkins with the funny faces or buy them? I love them. I think I will have to make some….I do fancy a haunted scene for the grandson who is 8 and have bought some little skeletons to use, just a box scene and am planning a fairy one for the grand daughter who is 5, but I have to make sure his one does not terrify her too much . lol x


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