Fairy Garden Project

Fairy Garden

Beautiful weather in Eastern Washington has called me outdoors into the vegetable garden and fairy tree.

I added a few more “fairy doors” to the tree and have planted some low growing ground covers around the tree trunk. The old sycamore tree has such great places to place doors and windows!

I contemplated ways to get light into the windows at night. I am using glow-in-the dark polymer clay in the window panes. I am not sure how long the glow effect will last, but hoping at least a few years.

My granddaughters Margo (age 3.5) and Cora (2.5) are still frustrated the fairies won’t open their doors. Margo says she has seen them though. Helen, age 5, isn’t so sure. She is becoming skeptical. She lost her first two teeth recently and the tooth fairy paid up. I asked her why she believed in the tooth fairy, but not my fairies. I didn’t get a good answer lol. “Because” is not an answer. Maybe if she sees lights on in their windows, it will make her wonder if they inhabit my tree.

Helen did come out and constructed a beautiful fairy garden of her own. She is fascinated by the concept of a tiny world and loves the details in my fairy garden. I guess that is really what it is all about.

Hen House and Rabbit Hutch

I decided to make a hen house and rabbit hutch on the left side of the house rather than a garden. I figured the girls would enjoy that more. All of my granddaughters so far seem to love the “putting things in things” aspect of a doll house. They want to fill the cupboards and shelves, put dolls into bed, place things in drawers and set the table. Now they can collect eggs and move bunnies from their hutch to the yard.

I am sure Helen will ask me how they family gets the eggs (because there is no path around the cliff). I already have the answer. I will tell her the fairies collects the eggs and feeds the bunny and chickens. They just fly over there 😂

The nests are made from burlap that I took apart and cut into straw size pieces. To make the hutch door and windows, I used the mesh from the back of mosaic tiles I had left over from a decorating project. More recycling!

Today I am baking the polymer clay bunnies, finishing a few furniture pieces and making bedding for the twin beds. I have the day to myself, so I should be able to accomplish a lot!

Critters moving in!

When I made a niche for the little owl, I asked my Facebook doll house groups if they had any other ideas for the space. I decided to go with the owl as it won by an overwhelming majority. However several other ideas just couldn’t leave my head. One was a mouse, and the other a fairy door. So, of course, I had to make a place for both. If the little mouse looks worried, it is because two owls live in this structure!

The little owl on the fairy tree is a painted rock, all the others are made from polymer clay.