Pastry Display

Before I actually start the building for the mini bakery/cafe. I made pastries and bread, then a cabinet to put them in. A sort of inspiration piece to build the room around.

I used cardboard “plywood” to construct the main frame of the cabinet. The mirror in the back is stick on plastic mirror that I had left over from making kaleidoscopes with my granddaughters.

I have lots of small pieces of plexiglass left over from framing projects when I worked as a watercolor painter. I never could throw them away, figuring they would come in handy some day. Well they did! I wanted a transparent top, shelf and doors (that open), so I used them here.

When my green house was constructed, I used polycarbonate panels on the end walls. That is another situation in which I could not throw away scraps. I needed something to put on the plexiglass top to slide the cabinet doors on. I used a section from one of the polycarbonate panels to form the slides. I was hoping the glue would not look messy on the other side, but it did. A simple solution was to use foil tape along the edge to cover it (also left over from the green house project).

When I finished the cabinet, I felt it looked too modern for the bakery I want to build. In order to give it more character and charm, I added a few details and legs. It will fit into the space much better now!

Tiny Assembly Line

I finally got around to finishing the last 3 dining room chairs. I’ve been working on a base for the dollhouse, so getting back to this task was a mental challenge. It required an assembly line of tiny chair parts. Not something I was looking forward to. A few exacto knife injuries later, the chairs were all cut out. Then it was just a matter of assembling them.

When I started painting, I realized I had forgotten which of my four white paints I had used on the first chair. It took some testing to figure that out. Next time, I will make notes! After several coats of paint, I distressed them and put on a coat of poly finish. The seats are upholstered in ultra suede that I had in my stash.

I am so glad the job is done, and pretty happy with how they turned out. Funny thing though, what I really wanted for the doll house was a rustic outdoor table. Failed on that! There really isn’t room inside for it. Oh well, I suppose I could make the rustic one and let the granddaughters decide.

Puppet Theater

I finished up the puppet theater this week. Margo is coming on Saturday to have her creative day with me. Her and I are going to practice The Hungry Caterpillar puppet show and then perform it for her mom, dad and sister.

We are doubling up her February and March days because she was sick for the February date. She will also get to build her fairy garden that she missed in February. It is going to be a busy day and a half that includes a sleep-over.

Theater props…

I just have the caterpillar puppet left to make.

Margo has recently become obsessed with coloring and does an excellent job for a 3 year old. The only prop for her puppet show that I am leaving unfinished is the butterfly that appears at the end of the show. I have a beautiful picture of a butterfly in one of my adult coloring books that we will color together with glitter gel pens, then cut out for the finale.