Artist at work

Helen, age 6, came to spend an art day with me. I gave her a 24″x24″ canvas and explained to her what abstract art was. Then I gave her paint and artist texture mediums and let her go. The only instruction I gave her was to fill the whole canvas. She created a beautiful abstract painting that she will proudly hang over her bed.

I worked on a painting as she was doing hers. We stopped several times to critic each other’s work. She told me mine was “pretty crazy”. It was….

I am very proud of her for the time and thought she put into this work of art!

Doll House World

I found out this past month that my tree dollhouse was included in issue #321 of Doll House World published in the UK. Nice recognition for my first ever dollhouse!

They approached me right after I posted that it was complete and we worked together to write an article. So much time has passed, I figured they decided not to use use it. Finally several weeks ago, they gave me the word is coming out in the June issue. I order copies as a keepsake for my granddaughters. They are mentioned in the article and their dollhouse is now being viewed world wide!

Denny wasn’t born when it was written…sorry you weren’t mentioned in the article Denny!

Dillan’s boat

Dillan is our youngest granddaughter. Because she has an older sister and two older girl cousins, she gets a lot of hand me downs. That is very good and she loves them. Her Papa and I decided to build something just for her. She loves to climb and is quite the daredevil.

I had seen a rocking boat that could be reversed as a staircase. We decided to put our scrapes from the wood shop to work. I drew out a design we both liked, then we lit a fire in the wood stove in the shop and spent several days working together to build her rocking boat.

After construction, I painted sections of the wood, then finished the whole thing with an acrylic outdoor finish.

Dillan is still a bit young to understand the rocking motion, but she loves playing on the stairs and hiding under the “bridge”