Coffee Table

Recycling a Goodwill find, I made a coffee table with storage for the dollhouse.

I found this little wooden box with a beautiful carved top at a recent trip to thrift stores. I decided to use the base as a coffee table for the dollhouse. I removed the cork from the back of the box top to attached to my new table top. The medallion will be saved for another application.

For the top, I cut a 1/2″ section from a large cardboard tube and fit a piece of foamcore into it. I then glued coffee stir sticks across the top. They were easy to trim with an exacto knife once the glue had dried. After soaking some of the stir sticks in warm water, I used the same cardboard tube to bend them around for the edges of the table. I let them dry overnight clamped to the tube, then they were the perfect shape to glue around the table top. A coat of thin paint as a stain and several coats of poly finish and it was done.

Pastry Display

Before I actually start the building for the mini bakery/cafe. I made pastries and bread, then a cabinet to put them in. A sort of inspiration piece to build the room around.

I used cardboard “plywood” to construct the main frame of the cabinet. The mirror in the back is stick on plastic mirror that I had left over from making kaleidoscopes with my granddaughters.

I have lots of small pieces of plexiglass left over from framing projects when I worked as a watercolor painter. I never could throw them away, figuring they would come in handy some day. Well they did! I wanted a transparent top, shelf and doors (that open), so I used them here.

When my green house was constructed, I used polycarbonate panels on the end walls. That is another situation in which I could not throw away scraps. I needed something to put on the plexiglass top to slide the cabinet doors on. I used a section from one of the polycarbonate panels to form the slides. I was hoping the glue would not look messy on the other side, but it did. A simple solution was to use foil tape along the edge to cover it (also left over from the green house project).

When I finished the cabinet, I felt it looked too modern for the bakery I want to build. In order to give it more character and charm, I added a few details and legs. It will fit into the space much better now!

Galaxy Day!

The Date to Create for May was Galaxy Day. The granddaughters, Margo and Helen, made Galaxy Slime, rode in a flying saucer, ate Galaxy popsicles and MilkyWays….and ended the day with painting and making planets from styrofoam balls and old cds. So much Glitter!

We started the day with the flying saucer on the swing, but it proved to be much more fun on top of the little car.

This was an amazing day. The big hit – definitely the Galaxy slime. It started as four different colors swirled together, but by the end of the day was deep purple and lots of stars and glitter. Still beautiful! They played with this stuff for literally hours. I did learn that the glitter does not necessarily stay in the slim. It was turning up everywhere!

We used glow in the dark paint to accents on their cd planets. The girls had to run into the closet and shut the door to check their painting every minute or so. The last project of the day was doing a galaxy painting. They both had a different take on it, but two beautiful, creative paintings!