Dillan’s boat

Dillan is our youngest granddaughter. Because she has an older sister and two older girl cousins, she gets a lot of hand me downs. That is very good and she loves them. Her Papa and I decided to build something just for her. She loves to climb and is quite the daredevil.

I had seen a rocking boat that could be reversed as a staircase. We decided to put our scrapes from the wood shop to work. I drew out a design we both liked, then we lit a fire in the wood stove in the shop and spent several days working together to build her rocking boat.

After construction, I painted sections of the wood, then finished the whole thing with an acrylic outdoor finish.

Dillan is still a bit young to understand the rocking motion, but she loves playing on the stairs and hiding under the “bridge”

Christmas Projects

I haven’t posted for awhile. It has been a busy winter….and the snow! Oh my!

There are quite a few projects going on or finished, so I decided I had better get too it!

I did complete several gifts for Christmas. I love making handmade gifts. I like the idea of recycling and using up extra stuff. I like the idea of putting time and energy into something for the people I love.

I asked my son, John, what his new baby boy needed. He told me they were covered for his necessities, but could sure use some art for his bedroom. The walls were bare. I haven’t done a painting for awhile, so it was exciting to plan one.

I had seen several art works for little boys that had paper airplanes folded and glued onto a canvas. I loved the idea but wanted something permanent so I decided to paint paper airplane against a sky.

I am showing my process of building paper airplanes, suspending them by wires and casting shadows with lamps. This was the model I for the painting. It was actually harder to set up than doing the painting. I guess that part is like riding a bike. I added two more planes coming in and out of the composition to balance it.

I hope that my grandson will keep it for years to come.

The title… “I Know You Will Soar”

The next Christmas gift was for my youngest granddaughter, Dillan. She is a dare-devil and a climber. JD and I decided to build her a boat/staircase. I will post on that in the next few days.

Tell Me A Story

What a reward for the work that went into the story blocks!! It was so worth it to watch my granddaughters tell each other crazy stories! All but little Dillan (1 1/2) told wild tales after rolling the blocks. Dillan did participate by listening….and occasionally grabbing a block.

All of the stories were fun and imaginative. This project was a definite win!