Fairy Garden

Beautiful weather in Eastern Washington has called me outdoors into the vegetable garden and fairy tree.

I added a few more “fairy doors” to the tree and have planted some low growing ground covers around the tree trunk. The old sycamore tree has such great places to place doors and windows!

I contemplated ways to get light into the windows at night. I am using glow-in-the dark polymer clay in the window panes. I am not sure how long the glow effect will last, but hoping at least a few years.

My granddaughters Margo (age 3.5) and Cora (2.5) are still frustrated the fairies won’t open their doors. Margo says she has seen them though. Helen, age 5, isn’t so sure. She is becoming skeptical. She lost her first two teeth recently and the tooth fairy paid up. I asked her why she believed in the tooth fairy, but not my fairies. I didn’t get a good answer lol. “Because” is not an answer. Maybe if she sees lights on in their windows, it will make her wonder if they inhabit my tree.

Helen did come out and constructed a beautiful fairy garden of her own. She is fascinated by the concept of a tiny world and loves the details in my fairy garden. I guess that is really what it is all about.

Bakery Water Dispenser

I used a small plastic test tube and a water bottle top to make this water dispenser for the doll bakery. The picture to the left/bottom was my inspiration.

While it looks okay from a distance, I am not really that happy with it. The plastic was a real pain to work with – the glue just wouldn’t hold, and the paint wouldn’t stick. I wound up using copper colored finger nail polish rather than paint. The jar isn’t as clear as I would like, and then there was the matter of using a heat gun to get rid of bubble in the resin. It wasn’t very effective because the plastic would melt if I held the gun too long, so the “water” is full of tiny bubbles. I may look for something I can use made from glass and consider this a “prototype”. I doubt it will hold up to much play, which is the purpose.

The spout was made from an old piece of jewelry that was in my stash. Once I glued it on the bottle, I painted it with copper colored nail polish.

When I was making a lemon cake from polymer clay, I made my first cane for the lemon slices. Not understanding how small the slices would be, I wound up with a really long cane! I will have lemon slices for many years! They did come in handy for this project.

Coffee Table

Recycling a Goodwill find, I made a coffee table with storage for the dollhouse.

I found this little wooden box with a beautiful carved top at a recent trip to thrift stores. I decided to use the base as a coffee table for the dollhouse. I removed the cork from the back of the box top to attached to my new table top. The medallion will be saved for another application.

For the top, I cut a 1/2″ section from a large cardboard tube and fit a piece of foamcore into it. I then glued coffee stir sticks across the top. They were easy to trim with an exacto knife once the glue had dried. After soaking some of the stir sticks in warm water, I used the same cardboard tube to bend them around for the edges of the table. I let them dry overnight clamped to the tube, then they were the perfect shape to glue around the table top. A coat of thin paint as a stain and several coats of poly finish and it was done.