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Weather Day

I had my April Date to Create with Helen and Margo on Saturday. It was a day exploring about weather. And a great day it was! We had real Spring weather to get outside and enjoy.

We made weather wheels that could be turned each day to reflect what the outside day was showing. I gave them the option of drawing the different pictures for them or they could do it themselves and/or copy mine. They had their own ideas about what rainy, sunny, windy, snowy and cloudy looked like. For Margo, that meant pink rain, pink snow and a rainbow sun.

I lucked out with a breezy day, so we were able to go out in the field to fly kites. When Grammy was tired of running from kite to kite to help keep them in the air, we moved to the garden. Helen enjoyed digging up worms (in her dress, of course). She wouldn’t touch them, but Margo sure would…and would have taken them all home if I had let her. I explained that I needed them in the garden, so she created new homes for them in the soil, then watered them. She did manage to capture a Rolly Polly bug, named it Daisy, and put it in a container with dried leaves. Lucky for Mom and Dad, it was left at my house for me to bugsit.

When we were inside that had fun playing with the doll house. Helen decided to have an Easter Egg Hunt for the dolls. She took the eggs from the hen’s nests and hid them throughout the house for them to find.

We had a wonderful time! In May, we will enjoy exploring the universe in a flying saucer! Can’t wait!

Brush Holder

Today I was out cleaning (or attempting to clean) my studio. I was trying to gather up the colored rice from Cora’s creative day with me. It was literally everywhere! In the chair…on the floor and on the table. She had decided to mix the blue, green, brown and pink rice all together then bury all of the animals in it. I wasn’t about to try separating it, so I put it all into a plastic jar and set it on my table. As I proceeded to clean up, I put several brushes into the rice. They stood upright and separate from each other! Since I can’t seem to just throw anything away, I was pleased to discovered I might have a use for all of that multi-colored rice! A brush holder!