rock art

Door Number One

Yesterday I worked the entire day and was able finished door number one on my dollhouse cabinet. I even made progress on the second one.

I had to laugh when I put the door onto the cabinet. All together it looks a bit over the top! The paper mache adds very little weight to the doors, but it looks like it weighs a ton! Must be that rock face 😂.

I decided to put the owl into the niche on the right side of the house. It looks like a good place to keep an eye out for mice.

Dollhouse Cabinet update

I set the doll house permanently on the base cabinet and have been sculpting roots and stones to tie them together.

Today I am working on the first door for the doll house cabinet. Deciding what I want to paint and what areas I want to sculpt. The scene will continue from one door to the next (making it up as I go along). The roots need a few more layers of paper mache to add texture and I think I will continue the rocks over the edge.

I finished the right end of the base. I am now considering what to do with the opening that formed into the rock wall. I asked for ideas from a Facebook dollhouse group. An owl or a fairy door are my favorite ideas. Think I might be leaning towards the fairy door…..